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Filk, aka: science fiction folk songs

Attend any science fiction convention, and at some point, and you are likely to find folks sitting around and singing. At the small conventions, this happens in hallways and in private rooms. At the larger conventions, there are rooms set aside for this. At the larger conventions, there are even stages, some with P.A.s for the more well know singers to perform on.

Chances are, you will also find a few folks recording the performers.

When I first started recording professionally, this is one of the places I got my start. Every one was welcome to set up their gear (as long as they didn't interfer with the performers).

Chris Weber - I Filk

If I remember correctly, I did all the recording and the mix down. This was recorded at my place. We had a 4 track, open reel recorder. Although I don't recall that we ever had that many microphones running at the same time. On a few of the tunes, we recorded on 3 tracks, mixed them down to the remaining track, then recorded 3 more tracks. While not optimal, this gave us the flexibility to do what we wanted to do, while keeping the recording under budget.

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outside cover: I Filk, Chris Weber

Chris Weber - I Filk - The Science Fiction Folk Music Of Chris Weber
Chris Weber: vocals, guitar
Steve Barberic: synthesizer, drums
Karen Willson: back up vocals, flute
engineer: Steven Libis (aka: Chrome Oxide)
copyright © 1985 DAG Productions


outside cover: I Filk, Chris Weber

01) Beware Of The Sentient Chile *
02) Producer's Hymn
03) The Armageddon Anthem
04) Just A Genre
05) The Fulgory Bird + *
06) The Liberal Song *
07) Starlord's Lament *
08) Oliver Crosses The Bar *
09) Shine It On!
10) Hard Luck Spacer Blues *
11) Greensleeves
12) Space Invaders *

01) Hear Them Roar *
02) A Miner's Christmas
03) Hotel Room Requiem
04) What Does A Dorsai Do *
05) Lim Jong Tea And Me *
06) Ballad Of John McFee *
07) Trilogy
08) For All Those Lost In The Dark *
09) To Your Scattered Bodies Go *
10) Thanksgiving Song *

Lyrics by: Chris Weber
* original music by: Chris Weber
+ verse 1 by Tim Power from The Drawing Of The Dark

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