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What's new on this page?

If you see the date changing on this page, without an announcement in this section, it is probably something like fixing minor coding problems, spelling errors, minor layout changes, new page on this site (so I changed bottom index), ... Any major changes to this page, will be announced here.

December 10, 2021. I just posted an article from Unified Manufacturing, Cost Of Pressing Vinyl.

July 18, 2005. I just noticed that the ezBoard message board that I had set up for this web site had been deleted. Since restoration of the deleted conference is only available to subscribers to their service, and since the activity was relatively light, I not planning on looking for another message board. If you do think a message board is worth while, or you have a message board that you like, let me know and I may promote it here. As always you can contact me here.

March 10, 2001. I removed the counter, and moved the listings of mirror sites to the bottom of the page.

March 6, 2001. Sometime between March 1 to March 5, 2001 Tripod deleted my account/web site. The last stats Tripod gave me were 9,000+ visitors per month. Since my site is so popular, I have decided to keep it going, in spite of this major setback. But rather than trying to build up another free web site, and possibly deal with this problem again, I decided go with to host the new

October 31, 2000. The new Chrome Oxide Music Collectors Pages Message Board is provided by EZBoard.

September 25, 2000. A long time ago (mid 1990s) I used to post interesting looking computer/music news stories on Earthquake City BBS (back when people called BBSs rather than the internet). In an effort to get a bit more mileage out of that work (and with thoughts of possibly starting up again, I transfered that information from the BBS to Other Music/Computer News on this site. All I can say is wow, things have certainly changed in five years.

June 25, 2000. This page. :-)

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Once again, I am trying something on this site. CD Now is able to feed music news to a site using fairly simple HTML code. I am interested in finding out how this works, and if the performance is adequate.

If you have (or know of) some kind of music news feed, that you would like to see on this site, please let me know.

I am also interested in getting wider exposure for this site. So links from your site to mine would be appreciated. And if you know of any sites that allow/encourage submission, I would also appreciate knowing about them as well.

Please send to:

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Chrome Oxide
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from an article in:
Los Angeles Weekly - Alan Rich's A Lot Of Night Music January 27 to February 2, 2006


Nationwide, 1,500 records stores - many independent - have shut down in the past three years, with more to follow suit in the first quarter of 2006, according to Almight Institute of Music Retail (AIMR), an L.A.-based market-research group. To put iot in more brutal terms: Ten years ago, there were 5,000 record stores; today there are about 2,800.


In 2004, there were 50 music download sites. Today there are around 230, according to the International Federaation of the Phonographic Industry.

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The Marshall Tucker Band rides again.




THE MARSHALL TUCKER BAND will swing back into action with their first album of new material in five years with the May 11 release of BEYOND THE HORIZON on Ramblin' Records and Shout! Factory. The album features 10 new songs written by the band plus two by legendary founding member, the late TOY CALDWELL. The album was produced by lead vocalist and co-founding member DOUG GRAY, assisted by guitarist/vocalist CHRIS HICKS. THE MARSHALL TUCKER BAND--whose current lineup is rounded out with bassist/vocalist TONY HEATHERLY; slide guitarist/vocalist STUART SWANLUND; drummer B.B. BORDEN and DAVID MUSE on keyboards, sax, flute and vocals--will tour throughout 2004 in support of the new album.

Cover art for Beyond the Horizon

Audio streams for three of the songs off the new album.
Ride of Your Life Windows
Ride of Your Life Quicktime

Texas on My Mind Windows
Texas on My Mind Quicktime

Midnight Promises Windows
Midnight Promises Quicktime

In addition to BEYOND THE HORIZON, Ramblin' Records and Shout! Factory will simultaneously re-release two of the group's re-mastered classics: Carolina Dreams (1977) and Together Forever (1978). Like THE MARSHALL TUCKER BAND's first five re-released discs, these albums will feature the original Capricorn Records artwork, special live bonus tracks and exclusive liner notes by Barry Alfonso.

According to GRAY, BEYOND THE HORIZON embodies what the band's been doing since he started the group: making music that keeps the fans on their feet. "My job every night is to prove what we started out to do, says GRAY. "We began as a bunch of guys who wrote some fun music together, and our dreams get fulfilled every time we hit the stage.

BEYOND THE HORIZON celebrates the fundamental sounds of THE MARSHALL TUCKER BAND. The album moves from upbeat, positive tracks like "Give It All You Got" and "Into Your Eyes," to pensive, country-tinged numbers "Texas On My Mind" and "Angel (With A Honky Tonk Heart)." The disc also veers from the stripped-down Southern Blues of "The Rain" and the power balladry of "Midnight Promises," to four-on-the-floor rockers "King Of The Delta Blues" and "Set You Free." MUSE credits the diverse styles on the album to the band's "group effort" approach to making music: "Some good friends getting together, trying to be creative, and coming up with our best."

Looking forward to the 2004 tour, HEATHERLY says the band's live show is "like a big piece of cake for the true Tucker fans and I can't wait for them to come out and see it." He adds: "This is going to be a trip, not only 'Beyond The Horizon,' but back to what it was like in the original band. The magic is back onstage."

Since forming in Spartanburg, SC in 1973, the MARSHALL TUCKER BAND has released 20 studio albums and have had massive hit singles including "Can't You See," "Fire On The Mountain" and "Heard It In A Love Song," among others. In a Rolling Stone review of their 1973 debut, Lester Bangs said, "their debut album is a moving piece of work that bids to put them in the same league as the Allmans damn fast. It's tight, smoking music, with sharp, ringing lead guitar work and sure vocals that are grittily felt but never strained. Music from the Carolina soil, full of blues and gospel influences, but so full of ideas that they never have to fall back on such space-fillers as slow blues jams. Each cut is a real song-some, like 'Hillbilly Band,' sound from first hearing like AM hits." BEYOND THE HORIZON, their 21st album for the 21st century, continues that tradition.


Date:             City:                 Venue:

Thu  06/03/04     Austin, TX            One World Theatre
Fri  06/04/04     Longview, TX          Alley Fest
Sat  06/05/04     Hot Springs, AR       Timberwood Amph. @ Magic Springs Park
Fri  06/11/04     Norfolk, VA           Harborfest
Sat  06/12/04     Canvas, WV            Good Evening Ranch
Fri  06/25/04     Crestwood, IL         Crestwood Fest
Fri  07/09/04     Niagara Falls, NY     Niagara Thunder Bike Rally
Sat  07/10/04     Niagara Falls, NY     Niagara Thunder Bike Rally
Sun  08/01/04     Mendon, IL            Adams County Fair
Wed  08/04/04     Turlock, CA           Stanislaus County Fair
Sat  08/21/04     Sturgis, MS           Baseball Fields
Wed  08/25/04     Cerritos, CA          Cerritos Center
Wed  09/01/04     New York, NY          B.B. King's Blues Club
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Do we really need to use Cream's - I Feel Free to advertise Hyundai, or Jimi Hendrix's - Purple Haze to Advertise Apple Computers or Iggy and The Stooges - Search and Destroy to advertise Nike shoes or ... ?

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Los Angeles Times - Calendar - Pop Eye - September 25, 2000

Cher recorded an album in 1994 (Not Commercial), of original songs that is very different from her regular style of music. This album will only be available on the internet at

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The Doors are considering releasing a number of complete live shows (only on their web site.)

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Pearl Jam bootleg series (25 shows from European tour May 23, 2000 to June 29, 2000, each show is 2cds and for sale at $11.00). set lists for these shows

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Los Angeles Times - Calendar - January 7, 1996

Rock Arcana? You Could Look It Up - By Jerry Crowe

Rock'n'roll has been slow to enter the information age. Though scores of history books have been published, and limited attempts have been made at putting together artist histories in encyclopedia form, most have been single volumes, covering only the household names.

There just hasn't been a comprehensive work that suggests the word definitive.

Suddenly there are two.

Michael Wadleigh, who directed the landmark concert documentary Woodstock, has assembled ROCKnROM, a CD-ROM encyclopedia of rock that includes information on virtually every inprint pop recording from the last 40 years.

And Colin Larkin, editor of the widely lauded Guinness Encyclopedia of Popular Music, which was published in 1992, has added substantially to his work, increasing it from four volumes to six volumes.

Neither guide is aimed at casual fans. ROCKnROM is priced at $1,500, the Guinness Encyclopedia of Popular Music at $495 for the set.

ROCKnROM, which its designers say contains 500 million facts, is a computerized reference library aimed at professionals. It produces, at mouse-click speed, information on 800,000 recordings, 90,000 artists, 100,000 songwriters, 30,000 publishers, 6,000 labels and numberous other categories.

Also included are 62,000 U.S. and British album and singles sales charts, enabling the user to follow the ups and downs of a particular recording or artist.

For instance, click on Bob Dylan and see the names of every song he ever recorded. Then click on Like a Rolling Stone and see who played what instruments on the Dylan recording, as well as who else recorded the song-and who played on those versions.

And you're not through yet.

You can also learn where a particular album was recorded-and then, with another mouse click, get a list of every other album recorded in that city. Further ... well, let's leave some suprises.

By contrast Guinness Encyclopedia of Popular Music, which includes biographical sketches on more than 15,000 artists and other pop-related events and terms, is a more traditional reference guide- though still remarkable.

(Interestingly, Wadleigh wanted to reproduce the entire Guinness set in his CD-ROM package, but was unable to secure the rights.)

The Guinness set covers popular music from a cappella to ZZ TOP in nearly 5,000 pages of material, and is remarkably up to date. The Neil Young entry, for instance, mentions Mirror Ball, his 1995 album with Pearl Jam.

To get an idea of the exhaustiveness of the set, which includes 50% more words than its predecessor, consider that England's respected Q magazine called the original four-volume edition the best rock reference book ever.

Why add to it?

It's a labor of love.

And Larkin, whose personal collection of music magazines and books (dating from 1961) formed the research base for the project, still isn't satisfied.

The word is that he wants to eventually deliver 20 volumes.

ROCKnROM is available through direct mail for Windows 3.1 or higher (it is Windows '95 compatible). A Macintosh version is scheduled to be available in February. (800) 780-0091.

Guinness Encyclopedia of Popular Music can be purchased by calling (800) 221-2123.

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Network World - September 11, 1995 - volume 12, number 37

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum opened Labor Day weekend with performances from James Brown, Lou Reed, Soul Asylum and ... Starlight Networks, Inc.

But the later went largely unnoticed. The museum's multimedia kiosks, which give visitors video and audio clips of concerts, song clips of artists and a link to the musicians who inspired them, are run with Starlight's StarWorks multimedia networking software on a Sun Microsystems, Inc. SPARCserver 20.

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Morph's Outpost on the Digital Frontier - July 1995

... Inscape, producers of the widely acclaimed Bad Day on the Midway, by the Residents, and DEVO accounced a CD-ROM adventure game called DEVO Presents Adventures of The Smart Patrol, described as a surrealistic social satire featuring the first new songs by DEVO in the '90s, scheduled for release in October 1995 for PC and MAC. Inscape is an LA-based partnership formed by Home Box Office, Warner Music Group, and Nash New Media.

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MicroTimes - May 1, 1995 - Multimedia & Beyond

Rock & Roll Art-Famous Concert Posters $29.95 - MAC and Windows
Julianne Multimedia, Inc.
505B San Marin Drive, Suite 250
Novato, Ca 94945
(415) 892-0599

Basically, it's a collection of thirty-three posters by artists such as Victor Moscoso, Stanley Mouse, Alton Kelly, Rick Griffin, and others for Family Dog Avalon shows back in 1966, 1967 and 1968.

The art looks great and this early psychedelic art is an interesting contrast to current psychedelic and cyber styles.

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Los Angeles Times Calendar - April 23, 1995 - Pop Eye - Steve Hochman

SMALL FACES: Step aside rock critics-Joey Ramone has taken up the word processor. The punk kingpin has signed on as a regular correspondent to the computer online rock magazine Addicted to Noise. Ramone will make weekly reports, including missives from the road with the Ramones and reviews of bands he's seen, starting with the May issue, which will also feature a cover story on Primus, accompanied by quick time video clips from the interview sessions and the rehearsals. ...

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Voyager (800) 443-2001 has some computer CD-ROMS of interest to the rock and roll collector, including Rob Reiner's This is Spinal Tap, Richard Lester's The Beatles - A Hard Days Night, ...

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Southern California Computer Currents - February 13 - March 12, 1995

Back to the Sixties via CD-ROM - By Janet Endrijonas

BACK TO THE HAIGHT - How about a flashback trip to the 1960s (no LSD required) to mingle with the tie-dyed flower children and groove to the era's counter -culture music? All of this is on CD-ROM, courtesy of Compton's NewMedia's Haight Ashbury in the Sixties. This disc features the music of giants in sixties rock, from the Grateful Dead to Jefferson Airplane. Developed as an interactive journey by Rockument Inc., the disc is part of a seris of titles that focuses on the roots of rock music and its cultural impact in America and around the world.

The CD-ROM contains more material than you could probably ever absorb on the glory days of San Fancisco's Haight Ashbury district. (I had no idea there was this much archived material lying around.) The disc includes licensed material from over 100 original sources, including many rare photos, film clips, and previously unreleased music. This is no rerun of Mod Squad - you'll feel like you're there, or at least you'll experience an overwhelming pang of deja vu. The title ships in March for under $50. Love Beads not included.

Haight Ashbury in the Sixties, Compton's NewMedia (800) 862-2206
List price: under $50.00

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MOVING ON TO BOB DYLAN - The folks at Graphix Zone, together with Columbia Records, are getting into the 1960s nostalgia act as well. After their successful foray into rock videos/games/stargazing with the former-Prince -who-is-now-an-unpronounceable-symbol-CD-ROM, they've moved on to a symbol of an entirely different kind-Bob Dylan.

Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Interactive takes you on a multimedia odyssey, immersing you in the world and music of Bob Dylan. Clicking an object in a multimedia collage transports you to key times and places in Dylan's 1960s, reconstructed in tremendous detail. A radio announcer, TV clips, and newspaper articles reveal the news of the day while Dylan plays and sings in the background. Or recites his poetry. Or allows other poets of the era to recite their poetry. For those of us old enough to remember the coffeehouses of the 1960s, the multimedia experience is rather heady, although this time around, you can relive the scene sans cigarette smoke or reefer madness.

To give you an idea of the title's depth, the disc includes 10 full length songs, 4 videos, and samples from 42 classic songs. You'll hear Dylan singing a never-before released version of House of the Rising Sun. (You can also play the tune on a standard audio CD player.) Via an interactive timeline /scrapbook, you can hopscotch through Dylan's life, from his days performing in New York folk clubs to Hendrix performing a Dylan song at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967. There are even three-dimensional environments, each representing a pivotal time in Dylan's life.

All of Bob Dylan's lyrics, the poetry of the sixties, are here, which makes this an especially valuable disc. The program ships this month for $59.95. Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Interactive, Graphix Zone, (800) 828-3838
List price: $59.95

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Telecommunications - November 1994, Volume 28, Number 11

NYNEX at Woodstock

Journalists at the Woodstock '94 concert held recently were able to cover the festival using cellular service provided for the event by NENEX Mobile Communications. The carrier brought cellular and on-line service to journalists under what the company termed as near-battlefield conditions. Over 4400 hours of on-line time were logged to Woodstock Online, an electronic service operated by ACCESS INFO during the event, and transmission rates were capable of achieving up to 57.6 kbps throughput.

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Datamation - November 15, 1994, Volume 40, Number 22

Airplane Is Grounded in Copyright Suit

San Francisco - The Jefferson Airplane didn't get very far in its lawsuit against Berkeley Systems, The Berkeley, Calif., publisher of the popular After Dark screen-saving software. The defunct rock group alleged that Berkeley Systems stole the idea for its flying-toaster logo from the cover of the band's Thirty Seconds Over Winterland. A federal district court judge dismissed the copyright-infringment suit, noting that the album cover wasn't covered by the sound recording's registered copyright. The band vows to continue fighting the establishment: It plans to reregister its album cover and refile its suit.

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Datamation - October 1, 1994, Volume 40, Number 19

Stones on the InfoBahn

Mountain View, Calif - It's only rock and roll, but Sun and Thinking Pictures believes that Internet travelers will like it. Thinking Pictures, which produces video games, has put the Rolling Stones online, creating their own electronic home page, a graphical network navigation aid available through a Mosaic interface. The Stones' World Wide Web server contains information about the current Voodoo Lounge concert tour; a library of photographs, and video and audio clips. Fans can also purchase tour merchandise and participate in contests scheduled throughout the year-long tour. The Stones WWW is connected to the Internet via Sun's own page on the WWW. To get there, type at the URL prompt in Mosaic. From there, click on the Stones icon or type

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The Names They Are A-Changin' - Information Week - September 12, 1994

If Bob Dylan's concerts aren't proof enough he's close to the edge, here's more: he's suing Apple for allegedly naming a new CD-ROM after him.

Apple should be used to this by now. Earlier this year, Carl Sagan got upset when told the company had code-named a product in his honor; Apple relabeled the product BHA. When Sagan learned that stood for Butt-Head Astronomer, he sued for defamation.

Maybe Apple should just call its new disc Zimmerman. That's Dylan's real name.

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Modem Any Good Songs Lately? - Information Week - August 1, 1994

DETAILS, July 1994, page 118

Two seniors at the University of California-Santa Cruz have started a service that could revolutionize the music business. Their Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA) lets anyone download songs from obscure independent bands such as Boneyard and the Ugly Mugs. In theory, bands can get their music out to audiences of millions without signing a record contract. Even though Big Six record companies are evaluating electronic distribution, Tower Records president Russ Solomon naturally calls the concept hogwash. Totally Wired, Michael Goldberg

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This is an experiment. I am listing various classified ads that might be of interest to browsers of this page.

Let me know what you think of this idea?

And if you do order something listed here, let them know you found out about it here.

Also, let me know how this worked out for you.

June 29, 2003.
MusicStack looks like a good source of used music items (LPs, CDs, posters, ...).
As always, let me know what you think.

4 Million Hard to Find CDs & LPs at MusicStack
December 10, 2002.
Back in October 1999 I put up links to CD-Now so that visitors could easily link to the related band pages and instantly see which items were still in print/available for purchase. CD-Now no longer has that option. For the moment I am putting in search boxes. doesn't easily allow for links to individual band pages in the same way that CD-Now used to. So, instead of me being able to create direct links, I have put up the search box instead. So you can still go to a page with the various bands products, buy you now need to go through a search box.

As always, let me know what you think.

April 22, 2002.
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December 3, 2002 CD Now is undergoing changes, and asked that ALL links be removed.
October 28, 1999 I signed up with CD Now.

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