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What's new (or old) on this web site?

Current plans are to add new bands at the rate of one per month. Are there any bands that you would like to see here? Any bands you can help me with?

If you see the date changing on this page, without an announcement in this section, it is probably something like fixing minor coding problems, spelling errors, minor layout changes, new page on this site (so I changed bottom index), ... Any major changes to this page, will be announced here.

December 10, 2021. I just posted an article from Unified Manufacturing, Cost Of Pressing Vinyl.

August 25, 2008. I am spending a LOT of time recording bands. People who don't know me, don't realize how much recording I am actually doing. To answer that question, as well as others relating to my Recording Studio, I have started writing about what I am doing. This is my own version of a blog, otherwise know as writing up my day to day activities relating to music / recording.

What's old on this web site? Only the most recent activity / changes will be featured in this section. Older stuff will be moved to the Changes page on a more regular basis.

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Who is Chrome Oxide?

L.A.Weekly - Valley edition - Volume 18, No. 28 - June 7 - 13, 1996

The Low Life by Kateri Butler, page 154, last two paragraphs

"Blamblamblamblam!: Sure, life in the big city is rough, but we didn't know quite what to make of the fellow we glimpsed at Rhino Records who was sporting a shoulder holster as his wallet. But you know what they say: when your cartridge is spent, it's time to shoot your wad.

That's the low life -- packing heat!"

Look into the Photo Gallery if you dare!


My name is Chrome Oxide.

I like listening to music. I like recording music. I like sharing my joy of music with others.

This web site is composed of detailed sessionographies / discographies / tourographies of some of the bands that I like and have collected over the years.

Now, it also includes, bands that I work with as well!

Click here to see some of what Chrome Oxide Music Audio Recording Services has been up to recently.

i Some of my other recent accomplishments include:
I occasionally post reviews of books published by Backbeat Books.
I received a screen credit for helping with the A & E biography of Ted Nugent.
I helped the film production of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind get clearances for use of some 1960s concert posters of Moby Grape.
I helped a producer to research the writer and publisher of a couple of tunes for an upcoming Badfinger music CD.

The reasons why I like a band vary. Sometimes it is the songwriter. Sometimes the singer. Sometimes the musicians. Or some combination of all of these. And when any/all of those reasons change, my attitude towards the band changes as well. But in general, I tend to like blues based bands, with talented lead guitarists.

I have been collecting rock music (audio, print, and occasional video) since the late 1960's. I think I have somewhat esoteric tastes in music. And when I like a band, I normally try to collect everything available that I can find and afford and can get my hands on. In the process, I also like to collect information about the band as well.

I started out this site with some of the bands that I like best (which means that I have extensive collections of their material, as well as information about them). However, I am always interested in collecting additional music, as well as additional information.

The criteria I have used so far, for selecting bands to cover on this site are:

Thanks to various netizens, I have been receiving additional information that I would not otherwise be able to easily find. It all goes to building a better, more informative web site.

Your suggestions, additions and corrections to the information on this site is greatly appreciated.

Hopefully there will be something of interest for both the hard core collector, as well as the casual listener. If there is something you are looking for and didn't find, please, let me know.

If you know of any sites covering the same or related bands, please let me know so that I can link to them from the band pages. If you have a music site that covers something completely different, I can still put a link to your site on my Music Links page.

I am also interested in getting wider exposure for this site. So links from your site to mine would be appreciated. And if you know of any sites that allow/encourage link submission, I would also appreciate knowing about them as well.

I would like to make this both a nice place to visit, as well as good starting point for furthur explorations.

My current plans are to add a band a month to this site. Based on my music collection and work schedule, I think I can manage this for at least another year or two. Too many bands, not enough time. :-)

If you are interested in seeing a band on this site, I am open to suggestion. However, if it is a band that I don't collect, it would NOT go to the top of the list. If you would like to see a band here, and don't have a site of your own, submitting the information would put your band on the top of the list for future additions.

Do you have any articles, books, albums, tapes, CDs, ... on this band that you would like reviewed and/or integrated into this page?

Please send to:

Chrome Oxide
P.O.Box 8106
Mission Hills, CA 91346-8106

Chrome Oxide
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March 6, 2001, Tripod has removed kicked me from their web site, and they had discontinued the Music Pods a while ago, but this was one of the things that helped encourage me to start putting a lot more work into developing this music site into what it is today.

July 23, 1998, Tripod started a new online community: the Classic Rock Pod. They chose me as a Founding Pod Publisher because of my great member pages!

of the
GRAPHIC IMAGE 'formerly a link to Tripod Classic Rock Pod'
GRAPHIC IMAGE 'formerly a link to Tripod Pod Central'

Also, check out my self awarded Silly Awards.

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Once I decide I like a band enough, I try to find out more about them. Like what the members were doing before they were in this band? Are they doing anything else in addition to the current band? Individually or collectively?

The Reference Material page lists (and reviews) the the various print and computer based resources in my library.

As usual, I am always looking for more material to add to my reference library. Audio, video, print and computer media are all of interest to me.

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A reviews page?

Why a reviews page?

While I enjoy doing a full page write up for each band that I follow, I have been thinking about trying something a little different (shorter). That will be my review page. It will be mostly short pieces on music, or music related items. Anything that strikes my fancy. Or product submitted for review. Or ...

I will still continue with the new band per month feature of this web site. However, this will give me the flexibility of putting up something when I don't want to wait to do a full page, or I want to make note of a band (or item) that I don't plan on doing a full page for.

And if anyone wants to contribute to this site, and doesn't feel up to doing a full page for a band, this would be a great way to get something online, and maybe even get feedback from anyone else wandering in.

Check It Out!

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Whenever I read magazines (or friends mention to me), I try to write down any site listing that looks interesting. This is my list, in vaguely alphabetical order. I will be adding more as I come across them. As always, for this or any of the other pages I have worked on, suggestions, comments and corrections are greatly appreciated.

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Once again, I am trying something on this site. CD Now is able to feed music news to a site using fairly simple HTML code. I am interested in finding out how this works, and if the performance is adequate.

Also, I am interested in finding out if the music news they feed is of any interest to any of the visitors to this web site.

If you have (or know of) some kind of music news feed, that you would like to see on this site, please let me know.

A long time ago (mid 1990s) I used to post interesting looking computer/music news stories on Earthquake City BBS (back when people called BBSs rather than the internet). In an effort to get a bit more mileage out of that work (and with thoughts of possibly starting up again, I transfered that information from the BBS to Other Music/Computer News on this site. All I can say is wow, things have certainly changed in five years.

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Where can you go to get an interesting selection of music? A record swap meet is one place to do this. Multiple vendors from the local area, as well as sometimes longer distances come to buy and sell new, old and rare recordings.

This listing is for the Southern California area (where I am located). I will be updating this page on a semi-regular basis. If you are aware of any shows that you would like to see listed here, please send me the information.

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The sessionographies / discographies created by me for this site, are based on items in my collection, items that I have read about in various publications (some of which are in my Reference Material), items seen in other collectors lists, information submitted to me or information seen on other web sites. Your contributions to this site are appreciated, and credited (or anonymous) as you desire.

I like to think that I am putting the available information together in a way that makes it more useful to the dedicated collector.

I don't always follow a band for their entire career. What draws me to a band ranges from the singers voice, to the songwriting, to the musicians involved with the band, to the sound of the band. And any time one or more of these items change, I may lose interest in the band.

Every band on this site is listed directly on the site map, and indirectly on my Music Links Page.

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This is an experiment. I am listing various classified ads that might be of interest to browsers of this page.

Let me know what you think of this idea?

And if you do order something listed here, let them know you found out about it here.

Also, let me know how this worked out for you.

June 29, 2003.
MusicStack looks like a good source of used music items (LPs, CDs, posters, ...).
As always, let me know what you think.

4 Million Hard to Find CDs & LPs at MusicStack
December 10, 2002.
Back in October 1999 I put up links to CD-Now so that visitors could easily link to the related band pages and instantly see which items were still in print/available for purchase. CD-Now no longer has that option. For the moment I am putting in search boxes. doesn't easily allow for links to individual band pages in the same way that CD-Now used to. So, instead of me being able to create direct links, I have put up the search box instead. So you can still go to a page with the various bands products, buy you now need to go through a search box.

As always, let me know what you think.

April 22, 2002.
Would you like to show your appreciation for (the time, effort, money, ... that goes into creating, maintaing, updating) this web site, without getting anything in return (except a listing of your name (and url) on this web site as a friend of this web site)?
sign up for PayPal and simplify your online payments.

Send Chrome Oxide some money

December 3, 2002 CD Now is undergoing changes, and asked that ALL links be removed.
October 28, 1999 I signed up with CD Now.

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