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COMMERCIAL RELEASE Relix - Storm After Storm


Surf / Instrumental

Back in the early 1960s, Dick Dale pioneered a style of instrumental music that was mid-eastern influenced, and used reverb on the guitar. You have probably heard Dick Dale's music, even if you don't recognize the name. His music was used for the Phillips Flat Screen TV commercial, Domino's Pizza, ... His music was used as the opening track in the Pulp Fiction movie.

Relix - Storm After Storm

The last five tracks on this CD were recorded by me, live, at a show at the Huntington Beach Internation Surf Museum.

This recording was made with my digital audio recorder, the Fostex FR-2 Field Recorder. This is a 2 channel deck. I continued to use my Audio-Technica AT801 microphones on stage.

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front cover: Relix - Storm After Storm

inside cover: Relix - Storm After Storm

Track listing:
01. Kon Tiki
02. Stingray
03. Outsider
04. Leviathan
05. Mr. Moto
06. Los Relix
07. The Angel
08. Pitchin Iron
09. GI
10. Redline
11. Proton
12. Strangeman
13. Curl Rider
14. Third Stone
15. Highway
16. Pipeline
engineer #12-#16: Steven Libis (aka: Chrome Oxide)

copyright © 2007 Relix


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