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COMMERCIAL RELEASE compilation - Other Times, Other Places


Filk, aka: science fiction folk songs

Attend any science fiction convention, and at some point, and you are likely to find folks sitting around and singing. At the small conventions, this happens in hallways and in private rooms. At the larger conventions, there are rooms set aside for this. At the larger conventions, there are even stages, some with P.A.s for the more well know singers to perform on.

Chances are, you will also find a few folks recording the performers.

When I first started recording professionally, this is one of the places I got my start. Every one was welcome to set up their gear (as long as they didn't interfer with the performers).

compilation - Other Times, Other Places

If I remember correctly, I did all the recording and the mix down. This was recorded mostly at my place. We had a 4 track, open reel recorder. Although I don't recall that we ever had that many microphones running at the same time.

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Brenda Craven: vocals, guitar
Ande Dusomme: guitar
Aric Leavitt: vocals, guitar, banjo
Peter D. Haldane Lindley: bass, mandolin, congas, cymbal, claves
Cynthia McQuillin: vocals, guitar
Clifford Pasta: bass guitar
Larry Warner: vocals, guitar

Jo Ann Christy, Meg Garrett, Mark Lucero, Tera Mitchel, Jeff Moline, Doris Robin, Marcy Robin, Nick Smith, Karen Trimble.

executive producer: Eric Gerds
producer: Tera Mitchel
engineer: Steven Libis (aka: Chrome Oxide)
mixer: Jeff Rebholz
copyright © 1986, 2005 DAG Productions


front cover: Other Times, Other Places

01) Caretaker
02) Outcast
03) Slight Idiosyncrasies
04) This Turn Of The Wheel
05) Lily Lady
06) Final Message
07) Elvenhome
08) Brown Mountain Light
09) The Once And Proper Wife
10) In The Blood
11) The Best Starpilot In The Galaxy
12) Challenge Of The Phoenix
13) The Princess's Future
14) Luna Dome
15) Ecology
16) Planet Tera
17) Wurm
18) Stardreams
19) Tomorrow's Promise
20) Seven Stars

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