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The one track that I supplied for this compilation was recorded live at a local club. Cheap Chick is an all female Cheap Trick tribute band located in Los Angeles, California. I know the bass player from another band that she is in, and that I had recorded (Neptunas: La Dolce Velveeta). She had been asked to supply a recording for an upcoming compilation, and called me to come in and record their performance.

This recording was done with my trusty Sony TC-D5M and a pair of Audio-Technica AT801 microphones on stage.

While most of the bands, only listed the personel who performed in the band, Pam was nice enough to also list me as the recording engineer.

Thanks, Pam

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01) BC3 - Good Night Now
02) Planet Of Women - Love Comes A Tumblin' Down
03) Wizz - Reach Out
04) Partners In Crime - Didn't Know I Had It
05) Clay Howard - He's A Whore
06) Craigs - On Top Of The World
07) Off Ramps - Born To Raise Hell
08) Cheap Track - Need Your Love
09) Last Call - California Man
10) SC\DC - High Priest Of Rhythmic Noise
11) Yell Leaders - Take Me I'm Yours
12) Jeremy Porter - Oh Caroline
13) Clay Howard - Voices
14) Cheap Chick - He's A Whore
                    recorded by: Steven Libis (aka: Chrome Oxide) (although mispelled in liner notes)
                    recorded at: October 22, 2002, Zen Sushi, Silver Lake, CA
15) Twisted Hearts - Lookin' Out For Number One
16) 22 Down - Southern Girls
17) Planet Of Women - Surrender To Cheap Trick

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