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What's new on this web page?

If you see the date changing on this page, without an announcement in this section, it is probably something like fixing minor coding problems, spelling errors, minor layout changes, new page on this site (so I changed bottom index), ... Any major changes to this page, will be announced here.

July 18, 2005. I just noticed that the ezBoard message board that I had set up for this web site had been deleted. Since restoration of the deleted conference is only available to subscribers to their service, and since the activity was relatively light, I not planning on looking for another message board. If you do think a message board is worth while, or you have a message board that you like, let me know and I may promote it here. As always you can contact me here.

March 10, 2001. It looks like I may have been premature in moving to a new web hosting site. I just found out that whenever is having hardware or software problems with their servers, they put up a message for the webmaster that their site is in violation of terms, and the web site has been deleted (instead of a message about system problems and try again later). Anyway, I believed when they said they deleted my account, so I will be moving, and making my new home on the web.

March 10, 2001. As long as I am moving my entire site, I decided to make a few changes to the layout of the individual pages, and the web site in general, including (but not limited to) I removed the counter, and moved the listings of mirror sites to the bottom of the page, ...

March 6, 2001. Sometime between March 1 to March 5, 2001 Tripod deleted my account/web site. The last stats Tripod gave me were 9,000+ visitors per month. Since my site is so popular, I have decided to keep it going, in spite of this major setback. But rather than trying to build up another free web site, and possibly deal with this problem again, I decided go with to host the new

October 31, 2000. The new Chrome Oxide Music Collectors Pages Message Board is provided by EZBoard.

October 31, 1999. There used to be a complete listing of all the bands featured on this site at the bottom of each page on this site. The complete band list has now been moved to the Site Map.

Back in June 1997 when I started this site, the index at the bottom of the page seemed like a good idea. Due to the amazing growth of this site, I now think that the Site Map is a better way to do it.

I will continue to list the featured band of the month at the bottom of each page on this site.

December 3, 2002 CD Now is undergoing changes, and asked that ALL links be removed.
October 28, 1999 I signed up with CD Now.

October 22, 1999. The Chrome Oxide Music Collector Pages web site hit the big time! And I didn't even know it.

Tripod stats showed that this web site had more than 4,000 unique visitors last month (September 1999). Because of that, Tripod has increased my web space from 11mb to 50mb.

May 21, 1999. On the advice of legal counsel, we have now added a copyright notice, and legal disclaimer to the bottom of each page on this web site.

March 31, 1999. I started a new section on this page, Classifieds. Now, if someone is interesed in putting an ad here, or I find something I think is worthwhile, there is a place for it.

March 16, 1999. Thanks to a recent visitor to this page, we now have a logo for the Chrome Oxide Music Collectors Pages, as well as a new background and seperator bars. There may be additional changes to look forward to as well.

September 10, 1998. I combined the Mirror Sites and the counter section into one place.

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At the request of a friend, I am posting another persons plea for the commercial release of the benefit concert Little Feat performed at after the death of Lowell George.

I am also interested in getting wider exposure for this site. So links from your site to mine would be appreciated. And if you know of any sites that allow/encourage submission, I would also appreciate knowing about them as well.

Do you have any articles, books, albums, tapes, CDs, ... on this band that you would like reviewed and / or integrated into this page?

Do you have any other band that you would like to see a page for on this site?

Please send to:

Chrome Oxide
P.O.Box 8106
Mission Hills, CA 91346-8106

Chrome Oxide
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To: ''

From: Ward

Subject: UTR Day Proposal To FeatFans and Little Feat's Friends In The Record Biz

I'm sitting in a hotel room far from home, working far too hard.. stealing moments to watch Vladimir Konstantinov with the Stanley Cup and read the lyrics from UTR from the *gorgeous* because I promised my beloved I wouldn't buy it before Father's Day.. but reading the lyrics is okay, isn't it?.. watching Konstantinov's teammates around him as he holds the Cup in his lap.. seeing the joy on his face.. the role his team plays in his recovery.. thinking about the power *our* community has shown the world, the band, and ourselves since the GrassRoots effort began.. exploring the nether regions of the website.. thinking how amazing it is that hooking up with people who feel as passionately about this band as I have since I was 14 inspired me to harass a dj in my town.. which in turn led to me hearing "Loco Motives" on the radio as I was driving into my driveway after a wonderful night out with my wife.. her smile as we grooved, bucket-seat dancing to the breakdowns.. reflecting on how many of us have probably had similar experiences over the last couple of weeks.. I stumble on the following at the bottom of the "videos" page:

Roger Wilson writes: "- sometime just after lowell george died, there was a benefit concert to help out elizebeth and the kids. It was at the Los Angeles Forum. All the other band members were there, also friends like jackson browne, bonnie raitt, ry cooder, I can't remember the rest. anyway, I remember that someone had a huge very professional 1" video recording system setup for the show. multiple studio cameras, the whole 9 yards. somebody has several hours of excellent video stashed in a vault. hope you can find it."

According to Paul Barrere "The politics of rock & roll and the dragging of feet--no pun intended--has kept that project in the dark for years. There is a video, there is a 24-track recording, but as to whether or not it ever gets released is up to the permission of all the guest artists."

Well, I can't do anything about business as usual.. inertia, however, is another matter altogether.. here I am on this amazing night, longing for UTR but knowing what I told my wife, *need*ing an outlet for my FeatFandom.. wishing I was home recording my tracks for Guy Vickers' tribute tape (it'll be there Guy! honest!).. when a voice (on the wind) calls to me.. stir the (rad gumbo) pot.. lick them apolitical blues.. incite those who have already demonstrated that they're willin' to consider adopting the release of a letter-box (silver screen) video and 2CD set of the concert as our next goal.. "yes, letter-box format, two CDs," the voice says.. always be an optimist.. and be sure to get everybody's hat size..

So here I am sharing my musings with you, fellow FeatFans, and any "Music Biz" types who might have occasion to peruse the list. I can think of no more fitting time in the history of the band, with so much excitement around it on so many fronts, to pursue this effort. As the band approaches its 30th anniversary as real and as vital as it's ever been (just look at the songwriting credits on UTR! so many combinations! and I've *still* only heard one song, one time, d*mn it!), with so many great artists (several of whom were involved in the tribute show, if memory serves) contributing to "Rock and Roll Doctor", it's time to release this treasure to the community that has demonstrated its appreciation and love for *every* incarnation of this treasure of American music.

If only inertia and politics are keeping this from happening, we've demonstrated we know how to cope with those. If the band welcomes this effort, please point us where we need to go next. And woe be to the record company weasel who tries to thwart our communal will!

Okay, maybe I went over the top at the end there. Thanks for reading. If this happens, I might stop hating hotel rooms..


btw, UTR is "Under The Radar"....*G*

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Do you have a Little Feat related site? Do you want a link from this page? E-Mail me!

I am also interested in getting wider exposure for this site. So links from your site to mine would be appreciated. And if you know of any sites that allow/encourage submission, I would also appreciate knowing about them as well.

FeatFans: if you would like to be included on the Little Feat mailing list, send your name, address and e-mail to:
FeatFans, P.O. Box 2220, Pt. Charlotte, FL 33949

Official Little Feat Website
-hoy hoy digest, a daily listserv bulletin board
-FeatStuff (official Little Feat merchandise)
-email -Little Feat Discography

Little Feat Radio Hour: rare, unreleased music & interviews available via the internet; hosted by The Mossman, also aired nationally in syndication on stations across the country.

America OnLine's Little Feat Forum:
-Message Board: keyword 'mmc', under 'Rock/Pop', in 'Classic Rock'
-Chat every Tuesday, 8-10 pm est, keyword 'nightclub'

It's Yo Dime Line: phone updates: NY 212-840-7183; CA 213-512-8625

Featprints, the Little Feat fanzine:
4-issue subscription: $15.50 US, $17.50 Canada; $25 overseas (US$ or MO only) send to:
FeatPrints, P.O. Box 603, Mt. Airy, MD 21771
view back issues at: Little Feat fanzine

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This is an experiment. I am listing various classified ads that might be of interest to browsers of this page.

Let me know what you think of this idea?

And if you do order something listed here, let them know you found out about it here.

Also, let me know how this worked out for you.

June 29, 2003.
MusicStack looks like a good source of used music items (LPs, CDs, posters, ...).
As always, let me know what you think.

4 Million Hard to Find CDs & LPs at MusicStack
December 10, 2002.
Back in October 1999 I put up links to CD-Now so that visitors could easily link to the related band pages and instantly see which items were still in print/available for purchase. CD-Now no longer has that option. For the moment I am putting in search boxes. doesn't easily allow for links to individual band pages in the same way that CD-Now used to. So, instead of me being able to create direct links, I have put up the search box instead. So you can still go to a page with the various bands products, buy you now need to go through a search box.

As always, let me know what you think.

April 22, 2002.
Would you like to show your appreciation for (the time, effort, money, ... that goes into creating, maintaing, updating) this web site, without getting anything in return (except a listing of your name (and url) on this web site as a friend of this web site)?
sign up for PayPal and simplify your online payments.

Send Chrome Oxide some money

December 3, 2002 CD Now is undergoing changes, and asked that ALL links be removed.
October 28, 1999 I signed up with CD Now.

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