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Writers of the Future, Volume 29, XXIX, publised June 2013
Cop For A Day, by Chrome Oxide is a humorous dystopian story about an ex-con who accidentally becomes a cop and is partnered with a judgmental artificial intelligence.

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L. Ron Hubbard Presents
Writers of the Future, Volume 29, XXIX
    Table Of Contents      
    title   author   author web site   illustrator
   1   Introduction   Dave Wolverton
   5   War Hero   Brian Trent   Jon Eno
   35   Planetary Scouts   Stephen Sottong   Joshua Meehan
   93   Twelve Seconds   Tina Gower   Luis Menacho
  127   The Manuscript Factory   L. Ron Hubbard  
  149   The Grand Complication   Christopher Reynaga   Olivia Nu
  181   Cop For A Day   Chrome Oxide   Jon Eno
  205   Gonna Reach Out And Grab Ya   Eric Cline   Daniel Reneau
  231   The Sport Of Writing   Nnedi Okorafor
  239   Vestigial Girl   Alex Wilson   Jackie Albano
  263   Holy Days   Kodiak Julian   Aldo Katayangi
  283   The Ghost Wife Of Arlington   Marilyn Guttridge   Sida Chen
  313   Journey For A New Artist   Larry Elmore
  321   Everything You Have Seen   Alisa Alering   Karsen Slater
  345   Scavengers   Shannon Peavy     James J. Eads
  397   Dreameater   Andrea Stewart   Lucas Durham
  429   Master Belladino's Mask   Marina Lostetter   Tiffany England
  459   The Year In Contests    


    Reviews of L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 29, XXIX

October 15, 2013 SF Site Reviews reviewed Writer's of the Future XXIX. This review has something thoughtful to say about every story in this book. Here is what he had to say about my story.

Writing under the byline of Chrome Oxide, this otherwise unknown author provides what is perhaps the most refreshing story of the lot. "Cop for a Day" skewers liberal economic and progressive policies when the author shows how society would devolve should these policies be taken at face value and the disastrous results that would inevitably follow. "Cop for a Day" gives us a society where jobs are virtually non-existent, where hundreds if not thousands apply for jobs both dangerous and deadly that only the lucky (or conniving) few are able to get, how bloated and inefficient bureaucracies exacerbate the problem, where everyone lives behind locked doors due to the breakdown in police enforcement, and where the overcrowded poor and jobless are manifestations of the new normal as they wait for government relief from a broken welfare system.

When such an inordinate percentage of science-fiction today is pervaded by liberal politics or viewpoints in any number of ways -- overt or subtle -- (whether the authors realize it themselves or not), from the theme of stories themselves to offhand comments by characters or tossed off one-liners in stories or novels -- from a purely literary standpoint these stories soon become trite, boring, and unimaginative. A single set of like-minded viewpoints on any number of contemporary issues, in the long run, does the genre no good. There's no spark, no vitality, no uncomfortable viewpoints explored or examined. Authors putting forth the identical politically correct viewpoints (by rote, like robots) time after time after time makes for very stale stories.

Science-fiction has a reputation for penning the controversial, for going against the prevalent cultural assumptions as it did in reaction to John W. Campbell's anthropocentric view of humanity as it claimed the stars for its own, human beings always the center of the universe as they overcame all odds in their righteous quest for new worlds. But now the shoe is on the other foot, the pendulum has swung far in the other direction, where the seeming predominant view for many decades now that mankind is the problem, we're basically evil oppressors, that we're destroying everything we touch, that we're a morally evil blight on the universe -- is drilled into us over and over in many of the stories we read and the films Hollywood makes. And woe unto those who dare now question the accepted consensus, for they are vilified in print, stripped of honors or otherwise cast out as pariahs for saying or believing anything a vocal liberal minority deems offensive. The sort of events I've just described have actually taken place in the SF community, and is not only disheartening but alarming, for it portends ill-health for the entire field when voices are silenced and the fiction becomes tame and toothless.

So it with great relief and joy to be able to read something so daring (these days at least) like Chrome Oxide's wonderfully conceived and executed, dead-on-target contra-liberal-punk story "Cop for a Day."

Copyright © 2013 by Dave Truesdale, Tangent Online

    Publishers Weekly Review: L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 29



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