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Under the pen name of Chrome Oxide I write humorous science fiction and fantasy. However, I've been accused of writing murder mysteries since I murder the English language and it's a mystery how I get published.

When people ask why I write humorous science fiction and fantasy, I explain that my reality check bounced.

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Public Appearances
West Coast Writers Conference: Genre-LA, Tuesday, October 26, 2021 5:00pm
virtual event

West Coast Writers ConferencesGenre-LA, October 26, 2021 Genre-LA, October 26, 2021


Building a Marvelous, Believable Magic System

Magic systems vary from colorful bears with tummy badges to ritual blood sacrifices. Magic isnít real, so it can be anything we want. But that doesnít mean all magic systems work equally well for stories. But it does need to be well-planned and consistent to avoid annoying plot holes. Learn to add realism and depth to your world while still leaving room for new and interesting changes.

Panel participants include:
Howard V. Hendrix
C. R. Rowenson
Laurel Anne Hill
Brennan Harvey
Chrome Oxide
+ Brandie June - moderator

For the discerning reader, I am selling copies of my recently released 28 Minutes Into The Future, a collection of my humorous science fiction and fantasy short stories.


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