The Boardwalkers were started in 1989 by ex-members of Paisley Punk groups The Unclaimed and Thee Fourgiven. Bassist Ray Flores and I had developed the idea of a surf instrumental power trio; with Scot Forer. We were originally called Green Room. We played two shows under that name, the first was Christmas Eve 1989 at the gritty Toby Jug and in early 1990 at Helen's Anti-Club, then a fading punk venue.

Ray left to pursue business interests, but some of his ideas for tunes, in particular These Boots Are Made For Walkin', remain with the group. His replacement was an old band-mate of mine from Ohio, Forrest Bivens. He had a more traditional approach to bass playing, making it possible for the group to build a 40 song setlist, which included many rare tunes (The Truant, Steel Pier, High Wall, Our Favorite Martian, Bikini Drag, Moment Of Truth, Mar Gaya, Shockwave, Surfari) plus originals which I wrote.
The first single was recorded studio-live in October 1991, released in mid 1992. Shortly thereafter, Scot left the group. Jeff Utterback took over on drums. Jeff was experienced and enthusiastic, and has remained the driving force in the band for 10 years. Forrest moved back to Ohio late 1992, and Rick Linstrom joined on bass for a couple of years.
From 1995 to 1997 Pete Curry (Halibut's guitarist) played bass and recorded 2 songs on drums, Banzai Pipeline and It's A Bikini World.
In 1999 Rick returned to play bass until mid 2002. Along the way I had played bass with the Hillbilly Soul Surfers, so when I needed a bassist on short notice, Dave Sherman came to the rescue, filling in on the remaining 2002 gigs.
As of January 2003, part time Insect Surfer Mark Hoeschler joined the band on bass. As of November 2003, Marty Tippens on drums replaced Jeff Utterback. As of June 2006, Marty Tippens switched from drums to bass, and, Jeff Utterback replaced Marty Tippens on drums.
As of August 2006, Marty Tippens switched from bass to guitar, and Doug Forbes replaced Marty Tippens on bass. This changes the Boardwalkers to a four piece band. The current lineup is: Dan Valentie and Marty Tippens on guitar, Doug Forbes on bass, and Jeff Utterback on drums.
As of September 2006, Marty Tippens switched from guitar to drums, Doug Forbes is still on bass. This changes the Boardwalkers back to a three piece band. The current lineup is: Dan Valentie on guitar, Doug Forbes on bass, and Marty Tippens on drums.
As of December 2007, Jeff Utterback has returned on drums, and Jonpaul Balak is on bass. Occasionally Marty Tippens may add his considerable talents on guitar, bass, or drums.
SPECIAL THANKS TO: Linda Curtis, Jamie Murray/Mach Turtle Productions, Domenic Priore, Dave Arnson, Lee Joseph/Dionysus, Pete Curry, Dave Sherman, Captain Dan, Jay Hector, Phil Dirt, Steve Libis, Linda Miller, BigTikiDude, Purple Orchid's Dave Fernandez and to everybody that digs The Boardwalkers.
Dan Valentie, January 2008

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