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Who Do I Record?

Anyone that wants to pay me. :-)

When I first started recording bands, I put an advertisement in the local paper. The response was underwhelming. So I figured out that traditional advertising does NOT work for me.

I know I have good gear and I know that I make good recordings. I wasn't sure how to convince bands that they should have me record them?

I like listening to surf instrumental music. When I see that an instrumental band is playing somewhere about town, if I am available, I figure out how to get to the show, figure out how long a drive it is, and if I am in the mood, I then drive out to the club and record the band. Or try to. Whenever I record a band, I always ask permission first. Occassionally a band will not want me to record. In which case, I carried my gear when I didn't need to, but still ended up seeing a band perform that I would have gone to see anyway.

So, this has become my main source of advertising. Every time I go out to a surf instrumental show (there are a LOT of bands making this kind of music), I always talk with the bands about what I am doing. A number of bands who had not otherwise heard of me have ended up having me record them, and ended up using some of my recordings on commercial releases and web sites.

For a short while, I was doing an internet radio show featuring many of the bands I was recording. I did get one or two bands wanting me to record them because of that show.

I also mention to anyone I talk with, who is in a band, that I have a portable recording studio. This has led to me recording world music (Jamie Papish), jazz (UKB), blues (Sofa Kings), spoken word (Will Alexander), punk (Dead Lazlo's Place, Weirdos, ...) and surf music (Dick Dale, ...)

Maybe not the best way to get started, and not enough to allow me to record bands full time, but this approach seems to be working out for me.

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