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Saturday, August 2, 2008, between noon to 7 pm
Surf Guitar 101 Convention
Suzy's Bar and Grill
1141 Aviation Blvd. (at Prospect)
Hermosa Beach, CA

There will be live music, jam sessions, a swap meet of surf music merchandise (CDs, LPs, ...) instruments / gear, ...

There will be presentations on 2 surf music documentaries, Sound Of The Surf and Pounding Surf. The premier of the Pounding Surf documentary will be taking place on this day. In a pre-release trailer for Pounding Surf, they were syncing some of my 2 channel audio for their video. I am curious to see if that footage ends up in the final cut, and if I get another screen credit for my work on this project.

You can read about and order the Pounding Surf documentary at You can watch a short clip from the documentary at As I understand it, any video footage that took place at the Huntington Beach International Surf Museum used my audio recordings for the sound. While you may not notice me (or my microphones) in the video footage, my name is in the interior liner notes and I have a screen credit on this production for my audio recordings. There will be a trailer for the currently in production Sound Of The Surf music documentary. I am still waiting for confirmation of whether the Sound Of The Surf will be shooting additional footage for their documentary. If they will be shooting additional video footage, then I may be doing some additional audio recording. I have already done some audio recording for this documentary, but haven't seen any footage, so I don't know if they will be using any of my audio or the video they were shooting that day.

There is one other music documentary that I did some recording for, but I have not heard any additional details, so I am guessing it is one of those film projects that just never gets completed and / or released.

I have worked on a few music videos doing 2 channel recording. The most recent one was on Saturday July 26. The headlining band at a show sponsored by KROQ FM had me recording audio, and a couple of people shooting video. If everything turns out, then there should be a few music videos from that night uploaded to YouTube in the near future.

One of the reasons why people shooting video hire some else (like me) to record the audio, is that the microphone built into the video camera doesn't work well recording at concerts. They are either too close to the stage and the audio overloads, or if they are farther back from the stage and the audio sounds distant and can be overwhelmed by the folks standing around and talking.

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