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Merchandise amd / or Photographs

Huh! Since when do I have merchandise or photos for sale?

The answer is, I don't!

Photos: Who would want photos of me? No one that I know.

Who would want to see my photos of bands? The answer is almost as many as want photos of me.

When I go to audio record a band, I take along a Kodak EasyShare C533 digital camera. This is an average consumer camera (which I guess means that I am an average consumer?). This also means that I am probably taking average photos (if I am lucky). Because I have been taking photos for a few years, I have even managed to take a few good photos (this can be easily explained by the law of averages). I have even had a few bands posting my photos on their web sites. Since there are no additional costs or work associated with taking photos, I provide my photos to bands for no cost. They just need to ask for them and provide an e-mail address.

Merchandise: The question that nobody is asking, "Do I have any merchandise for sale?"

The answer is "No". I do NOT have a label, I do not sell my own recordings to the general public.

The only possible exception to that answer is if a band that releases my recording, makes that recording available for me to sell. There are already a couple of live CDs out there, and I believe there are a few more in the works. So at some future date that may be a possibility. But I am not holding my breath (holding my backpack is quite enough).

If I am not selling my own merchandise, then who's am I selling? The answer is the bands. I normally set up my recording gear on or near the stage. Once I have set the sound levels, and taken a few photos, then I am available to help the band sell their merchandise (if they set up near the stage where I am set up). Since keeping an eye on my gear is does not keep me 100% occupied during a show (punk shows are an exception), then I can help out. Selling merchandise at shows has not been too stressful. So, I have been doing this for bands at no cost if I am already at the show making an audio recording.

Some of the bands I have helped sell merchandise for over the past few years have included:
2008 AquaSonics from Denver, Colorado
2008 Chum from Southern California
2003-2008 Insect Surfers from Southern California
2007, 2008 Pollo Del Mar from San Francisco, California
2008 The Madeira from the Indianapolis, Indiana
2007 Outer Wave from Southern California
2008 The Relix from Southern California
2007 Slacktone from Southern California

If you are not careful, you could be next! :-)

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