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Saturday, October 25, 2008
Baked Potato, Studio City, CA

Another day, another show.

This show took place at the Baked Potato. The interior is a big square box. As you walk in from the street, the stage (relatively low) is on your right, and the bar is further back on the left. There are tables and seating all around the stage, except where it is up against the wall. While the stage is low to the ground, it is large enough to hold a good sized band. There are posters of musicians and for shows on all the walls. The Baked Potato is more know for jazz than rock, so this was my first time recording at this club.

This day was a special occasion. Jerry Cole had died recently, and this was a benefit for his family. Jerry Cole was a member of the "Wrecking Crew", a group of musicians who played on many of the records that were recorded in the 1960s in Hollywood. There were a lot of people who's names were known to me (even if I didn't recognize their faces). Normally this is not the kind of show I attend. However, since it was being organized by the leader of 3 Balls Of Fire, and a number of surf musicians were going to be in attendance, I decided to show up. Therefore, I am only going to describe the music that I recorded (and took notes on) rather than the whole show. 3 Balls Of Fire lineup for this day was 1 guitar (Mike Vernon), 1 bass (Sam Bolle), 1 drum (Dusty Watson) and no vocals. 3 Balls of Fire is normally a band from Texas. The leader of the band (guitarist) is now starting to commute between Texas and California. So he is starting to work with a number of musicians from California. For this performance, his bass player and drummer were from Slacktone. Later in the set, Paul Johnson (Belairs) joined on guitar. Still later in the set John Blair (Jon and the Nightriders) also joined on guitar.

Even later in the set, George Tomsco (Fireballs) joined in on guitar, at which point Mike Vernon (3 Balls Of Fire) switched from guitar to bass (Sam Bolle-Slacktone left the stage). And later still, everyone left the stage so that Slacktone could play a few numbers. Slacktone 1 guitar (Dave Wronski), 1 bass (Sam Bolle), 1 drum (Dusty Watson) and no vocals.

Since this version of 3 Balls of Fire didn't have a lot of time to rehearse together, their set for this show was about mostly covers with a few originals. While George Tomsco had the same limitations, everyone in the band learned enough tunes, that they played all original material. Slacktone played half original and half cover.

Since this was a benefit, no performer stayed on stage for an extended length of time. There was a good sized crowd for most of the day (which lasted from 12 noon until 5pm). The musicians were mostly setup before 12 noon, and as the day progressed, the musicians were on and off the stage very smoothly.

When I asked Mike Vernon (leader of 3 Balls Of Fire and organizer of this show) if I could record (while I have recorded Mike many times before, there were a number of musicians who I had never recorded before) he suggested that I only record the surf musicians. Since there were a lot of musicians, and there were not any regular bands, I figured it would be too intrusive to try to ask every musician for permission, so I only recorded the surf musicians (all of whom I had recorded before).

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