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Saturday, October 4, 2008
Suzy's Bar & Grill, Hermosa Beach, CA

Another night, another show.

The show for this evening was at Suzy's. This is a big square building (it looks like a double wide store). The stage is in the back of the club, facing the front of the club. Since the new management has taken over, they have made some improvements to the sound system. Although there is no dedicated sound man. The owner turns on and tweaks the system occasionally. The only microphones on stage, were for the vocals. The lineup was 1 singer / guitarist, 2 guitarists, 1 bass and 1 drums. Chris Mulkey is an actor / musician. For this evening, he was being a musician (singing and playing). When this evening started out, I was not planning on recording any one. However, when I saw a message that Mike Vernon and Billy Scanlan would be performing and there would be a jam afterwards, I figured this could be an interesting evening. What I didn't realize, is that they would be performing with Chris Mulkey's band. Chris Mulkey leeds a blues band, and were performing a lot of covers and some originals. It turns out that Mike Vernon had performed with Chris Mulkey before, so since Mike was in town for a few months he was looking to perform. I am not sure how Billy Scanlan was brought into this evening. In any case, when Chris wanted to know why I was there recording, Mike told him it was OK. I have previously recorded Mike Vernon every time he came to town during the last few years. Since I was there, Mike Vernon asked me if it would be possible for me to record him the next night at the Liquid Kitty. It didn't take me long to say I would love to.

After Chris Mulkey finished playing two sets, Mike Vernon (guitar - 3 Balls of Fire) and Billy Scanlan (guitar - Detonators) held a brief surf music jam session with Jeff Hanson (bass) and Tony Ruiz (drums - Outer Wave). Since I know all of them, I just kept recording.

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