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Saturday, August 2, 2008
Richmond Street Fair, El Segundo, CA
Suzy's Bar & Grill, Hermosa Beach, CA

Another day, another two shows.

I started my musical day at 4pm at the Richmond Street Fair. A number of streets were blocked off in downtown El Segundo. There were all the usual vendors of food and merchandise. And there was also the reason why I was here, live music. On one street, there was a portable stage - flatbed platform with a roof, back wall, and side walls (similar to the one used for the shows at the pier in Huntington Beach, although smaller). There was also a sound man (with assistants) who placed microphones on all the instruments, as well as provided the P.A. for sound reinforcement. I think the owner of the Purple Orchid booked all the bands for this stage. I know he booked the instro band I came to record. First up (and the only instro band playing at the street fair today) was Chum. The band line up was 1 guitar, 1 bass, 1 drum and no vocals. While I record a lot of instrumental bands that may have started (or been inspired) by surf music, Chum strays very far from the original surf sound. Although the do remember their roots, and did play one cover tune. Otherwise, they play all original tunes at two speeds, fast and faster.

Chum was supposed to start playing at 4:00pm. Fortunately for me, they started a little later, so that I had time to set up my gear and record their whole performance. Since I arrived late, I didn't get a chance to talk with the sound crew. Or ask the band about helping sell their merchandise. However, the band did have their merchandise table set up, and they were announcing they had CDs for sale. So, while keeping an eye on my gear, I also helped out with their CD sales.

The drummer Adrien started this band a number of years ago. The first time I ever saw Chum, back in 2001, it was at a show where the Insect Surfers showed up without a drummer, and Adrien sat in with them for their entire show. With no rehearsal. The guitarist Rick, formerly with another instrumental band (Surf Report), and currently head of a music label (Rickshaw Records), has been with Chum for a bit over a year. The bass player, Willie replaced Ted Thompson, who moved to the Detonators (a band I recorded later tonight). In case you haven't figured it out yet, I did not need to ask the band for permission to record, as I have been recording them for a number of years. The drummer Adrien, is also the current drummer for the Insect Surfers, a band that I do the web site for, as well as their recent Inseect Surfers - Lyve CD. Chum mentioned me in the thanks section of their second CD.

Second show of the day (actually the evening) was at Suzy's. This is a big square building (it looks like a double wide store). The stage is in the back of the club, facing the front of the club. Since the new management has taken over, they have made some improvements to the sound system. Although there is no dedicated sound man. The owner turns on and tweaks the system occasionally. The only microphones on stage, were for the vocals. Of which there were very few.

This evening was actually a birthday party for Leonard Byrd. However, it was open to the public.

The Detonators were hired to play the whole evening. The line up is 1 drums, 1 bass, 2 guitars and vocals. However, they did set up 3 guitar amps, in anticipation of guest guitarists playing with them. A number of local musicians were invited to perform. Among those sitting in this evening, were Mike Vernon (guitarist-Three Balls Of Fire), J.R. (guitarist-Outer Wave, just arrived from playing a private party), David Arnson (guitarist-Insect Surfers). Musicians in attendance who did no perform, included Rick (guitar-Chum) and Wille B. (bass-Chum) who only managed to stay a show while before heading back to the Purple Orchid to play their own show. The Detonators played a couple of sets, mostly cover tunes, but they did play a number of original tunes. They sang a few songs, and even had a couple of audience members on stage to sing a couple of tunes as well. Their regular drummer was not available, so Marty Tippens, mostly played drums, although he did play bass and guitar and did sing on a couple of tunes. During the musical chairs part of the performance, Rob (1 guitarist) did switch from guitar to drums to bass, and Billy (the other guitarist) did switch from guitar to bass.

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