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Sunday, September 21, 2008
International Surfing Museum Surfin' Sundays
Surf Museum, Huntington Beach, CA

Another day, another show.

As you might have guessed, since the Surfing Museum is putting on shows at the Huntington beach pier, their location is in Huntington Beach. When they are not putting on shows on the pier, they are putting on shows in the parking lot of the museum. It is not a big lot, it normally only holds 5 or 6 cars. However, it is big enough for a band to set up, and to put out chairs and popup tents to help keep the sun off the audience.

First up today, was the Goofyfoots. The line up was 2 guitars, 1 bass, 1 drum and no vocals. One of the guitarists was unavailavble, so they had for a replacement guitarist, one of the prior members of the band. I believe they played all cover tunes. They had a traditional surf music sound.

Armin (of the Torquays) replaced Doug for this show. (As a side note, Armin mentioned that the Torquays are no more. All the guys in the Torquays have agreed that they had fun while it lasted, but all of them have moved on.) The first time I ever audio recorded the Goofyfoots, Armin was a member of the band. But he left the Goofyfoots to stay with the Torquays. Interesting how things work out.

The current drummer for the Goofyfoots, Bob Colwel, (formerly of Dave Myers and the Surf-tones) just finished putting together a documentary on surf music, I happened to be recording music at a location where the production was shooting video. They liked my audio, and ended up combining my audio with their video. This is the first documentary that I have worked on that has been released. (The first one I worked on never got finished / released. Another documentary I am currently working on is still in production.)

So in case you haven't guessed already, there were no objections to my recording this band.

Next up, was Tsunamiblue. The current lineup of this band is 1 guitar, 1 bass and 1 drum. This band was originally formed by Doug (drummer of Longboard Ranch, ...) to showcase the music of Lloyd Davis, (guitarist formerly of the Surf Raiders and Longboard Ranch). Things didn't work out, and Lloyd Davis ended up not staying with this band. (I did manage to audio record them a few months ago when Lloyd was still with the band.) Filling out this trio was Doug Forbes on bass (multi-instrumentalist of many bands, including Sound Waves, Billy Blastoff and the Surf Rockets, ...) and Marty Tippens on guitar (multi-instrumentalist of many bands including Fabulous Planktones, Billy Blastoff and the Surf Rockets, ...). They played mostly cover tunes of older as well as more recent music (Jon and the Nightriders, Fabulous Planktones, ...).

And as you may have already guessed, I have audio recorded all the individual members in many of the other bands they have performed with. Sometimes, at their request or at the request of other members of the bands they were performing with. So there was no question of needing permission to record this band.

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