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Saturday, September 20, 2008
The World Stage Arts Education and Performance Gallery, Leimert Park, CA

Another night, another show.

The World Stage, located in Leimert Park (Los Angeles) is located in a small store front. The stage is about 6 inches tall. The stage is the width of the location, and faces the street entrance. There are no monitors and the P.A. is a single microphone connected to a couple of small speakers. If this was a rock club, this would be a problem. Since this venue is small (seating for about 35 people) and specializes in jazz (where the volume is low).

Sean Johnson Quintet (sax, flute, ...) was composed of 1 drum, 1 bass, 1 guitar 1 piano (full size) and Sean (various wind instruments). In addition there were a couple of guest horn players, 1 on flugelhorn and another on sax. And in keeping with most of my other recordings, no vocals. Normally, a stage this size is adequate for a band this size, however, by having a full size piano, which probably took up at least a third of the stage, and when you add the drum kit, and the bass and guitar player, and all the horn players, the stage started to feel a bit small. This was the only band playing tonight. Their first set was about an hour in length. After a brief break, they played a second set which lasted about two hours. The band played for a small but very appreciative audience. All the musicians were very good, and all were able to solo on a number of tunes. The only snag, was that the bass guitar had difficulties during the second set, and the bass player had to sit out three tunes while a replacement bass was acquired. For this show, the bass player had requested in advance that I record the band.

Either before or after the show, just about every member of the band, as well as the manager of the venue asked for my business card. Does this mean I will be giving up surf music for jazz music? Only time will tell.

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