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Saturday, September 13, 2008
Purple Orchid, El Segundo, CA

Another night, another show.

This show took place at the Purple Orchid Tiki Bar. As the name implies, the club interior is decorated with tikis, bamboo, ... This is a very nice club to hang out in and listen to music. The owners of the club like surf music, and bring in surf bands on a regular basis. I have also seen the owners of the club at other surf music shows. While this is a small local club, there is usually a reasonable sized audience for the music.

Tonight was a larger than usual crowd. The headliners, The Surf Coasters, from Japan, broke up some time after their last tour of America. So a lot of people showed up from all over the place to see them. Members of bands in attendence included Secret Samurai, Pollo Del Mar, Insect Surfers, Chum, Outer Wave, Silver Surfers, Madira, Fabulous Planktones, ... Which means there were individuals from San Diego, San Francisco, Nevada, Michigan, New York, ... The taper section was also filled. I noticed at least 2 people with video cameras and 1 other person with an audio recorder. If I left someone off this list, it was because I was trapped at the stage where my gear was set up unable to see everyone who was there.

I do have a slight problem recording at this club. The stage is small, so I am unable to put my microphones on it. Therefore I place my microphones in front of and slightly to the side of the stage. The stage is near the front door, so there is a lot of traffic. This means that I need to be concerned with people bumping into my microphones. In addition, there is free space in front of the stage where people like to dance. Again, I need to watch for people accidentally bumping into my microphones. Even so, most of the time I am able to get good recordings.

Because the room was so crowded, with the audience standing in front of the stage, there was no dancing, and none of my microphones were bumped into during either band prformance. First up, was Slacktone. Their line up is 1 drum, 1 bass, 1 guitar and no vocals. Their regular bass player, Sam Bolle was probably on tour with another band, so Steve Ryan, who has played before was the replacement for this show. Slacktone has been describe as the power trio of surf music. They are intense, loud, fast and furious. They play mostly original tunes, with a few cover tunes. Next (and last) up, was the Surf Coasters. Like Slacktone, their line up is 1 drum, 1 bass, 1 guitar and no vocals. Sounding a little like Slacktone (they were using Slacktone's gear), they performed mostly original music, with a few cover tunes. While the Surf Coasters could easily be called a Japanese version of Slacktone, their original music does not sound like Slacktone. No member of the band was fluent in English, but that was not necessary, as instrumental surf music is an international language, and the large audience had no trouble enjoying the music.

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