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Sunday, September 7, 2008
International Surfing Museum Surfin' Sundays
Surf Museum, Huntington Beach, CA

Another day, another show.

As you might have guessed, since the Surfing Museum is putting on shows at the Huntington beach pier, their location is in Huntington Beach. When they are not putting on shows on the pier, they are putting on shows in the parking lot of the museum. It is not a big lot, it normally only holds 5 or 6 cars. However, it is big enough for a band to set up, and to put out chairs and popup tents to help keep the sun off the audience.

First up, was the Detonators from Southern California. There is a slight deviation for the typical line up that I have been writing about previously. The line up is 1 drums, 1 bass and vocals, 2 guitars and vocals. For today's show, their regular drummer was unable to attend, so Marty Tippens, the fill in drummer from yesterday for the Insect Surfers, was also the fill in drummer for today. While most of their tunes are instrumental, they also played a few vocal tunes. For a couple of Beach Boys vocal tunes, not only did the band sing, but 2 of the members of the Wadadli Riders came up on stage to sing as well. It turns out that the Wadadli Riders were part of the most popular Beach Boys tribute bands in Italy. Since the Detonators were the only band from America (California), they were providing mosts of the gear for the following 2 bands. I didn't ask permission to record them, as I have been recording them for years, and they usually pay for a CD. Today was no exception. I was also talking with them about either releasing a live CD (that I have recorded for them), or going into the studio with someone (not necessarily me) and making a CD for sale to their audience.

Next up, was the Los Venturas from Belgium. The line up is 1 drums, 1 bass, 2 guitars and no vocals. While they brought their own guitars to America from Belgium, the rest of thir gear was provided by the Detonators. Their set list was mostly tunes I didn't recognize. They did announce song titles, but I missed a few as the song titles were not a language that I understand, I was wearing ear plugs, I was sitting out of the direct line of site of the bands , ... I did ask the band permission to record, and they had no problem with that. Last up, was the Wadadli Riders. For this tour, the band line up is not their regular line up. Two of the members (bass-wife, drums-husband) were from Italy and moved to Antigua (West Indies) (regular line up). The keyboards still lives in Italy, and is not a regular member of the band. Although he was a member of the band when it was located in Italy (brother to the drummer). The guitar was played by Daddy-O Grande (from Los Straightjackets), wearing his mask, and making the announcements in Spanish. Whatever gear the band didn't provide, the Detonators provided. They played a variety of cover tunes as well as originals. I did not ask permission to record them because I figured they remembered me from last night at the Purple Orchid when they gave me permission.

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