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Saturday, August 23, 2008
Malibu Winery, Malibu, CA

Another day, another book signing?, another show.

Book Signing - gory details. Potts and Associates Back in the dark ages (the late 1980s and the early 1990s), I was working full time as an accountant, and part time as a computer consultant (helping the accounting firm, as well as their clients). At the time, the accounting firm I was working for, had an external company for their H.R. (Human Resources) services. The accounting firm knew I was planning on spending more time working on computers and less time doing accounting. Even though they didn't want me working with any of their existing clients, then didn't care if I did any work for this H.R. company. So I did. And I have been working with them for more than ten years. In that time they have replaced all the office computers more than once, upgraded their server, moved to a larger office, added staff, ... Well, it turns out, that the owner of the H.R. company (James Potts), among other things, just finished writing a book. Since I appreciate the written word (I mostly read science fiction), I was very happy to stop in at the book signing in Altadena (Pasadena), even though my next stop was going to be Malibu (fairly close to Thousand Oaks). When playing last week at the Surfing Museum, for an audience expecting instrumental surf music, the Sound Waves played mostly instrumental music with a few vocal tunes. Playing today, at a wine tasting at the Malibu Winery, they played mostly vocal tunes with a few instrumental tunes. The Sound Waves had the same lineup as last week, 2 guitars, 1 guitar / keyboard, 1 bass and 1 drums. Their vocal tunes were from the late 1970s and earlier. There was a good sized crowd at this outdoor wine tasting event, and they were very well received. It was an all ages event, and there were people of all ages dancing in front of the stage (and bumping into my microphones). A number of audience song requests were performed. One of the audience members noticed I was recording and asked if he could buy the recording from me. As usual, I explained that I would not do that without the permission and cooperation of the band. I did mention this request to the band after the show. We again talked about the band using parts of some of my prior recordings, or possibly going into the studio to do some recording. Nothing was decided, but they are thinking about it. Seriously. The Sound Waves had hired me (last week) to record them at this event as they knew they were going to be performing a number of vocal tunes, and wanted to have some recordings. Even if they don't make a commercial CD out of my recordings, if they are good enough, they may end up making a demo CD or post some of my recordings on their web site.

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