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Thursday, August 21, 2008
Cozy's, Sherman Oaks, CA

Another day, another web site / live album, another show.

Web Site / Live CD - gory details.

Back on December 14, 2007 at the Epicenter in Northridge, Harmful If Swallowed hired me to record them. I first met them a couple of years earlier (July 1, 2006) when Dead Lazlo's place was playing a gig, and DLP (thank you Gizz) were convincing most of the bands that they should hire me to record them. Harmful If Swallowed liked the recording and has hired me a few times since then for additional recording. Anyway (back to December 14, 2007), one of the other bands on that bill, A Pretty Mess weren't interested in me recording them. July 26, 2008 Harmful If Swallowed hired me again to record their audio (which they were planning on syncing with the video they were planning on shooting, to eventually post on YouTube). This time, Harmful If Swallowed (thank you Carlos) managed to convince A Pretty Mess to hire me to record them.

A couple of weeks after I mailed out the CD, A Pretty Mess asked me if I could help them build a web site that they would be able to maintain themselves. My business card mentions that in addition to recording, I also create / maintain web sites for bands (I am currently maintaining web sites for The Hot Rod Trio, Insect Surfers, Boardwalkers, Raw Power Rangers). Today was my first meeting with the band, so I was showing what I had started to create and explaining some of logic I use when designing / creating / maintaining a web site. When I was asking the band about their available recordings, they mentioned that they were considering using part of my recording from July 26, 2008 for some kind of CD / EP-CD release. The Boardwalkers were hired to play at Cozy's, which is a blues club located in Sherman Oaks. This is not a place that normally hires surf bands. It turns out that the Black Widows were originally scheduled to play tonight, but unfortunately, some of their gear was very recently stolen, so they were unable to play tonight. All the print ads I saw (and Cozy's web site) were never changed to reflect this last minute replacement. Anyway, the Boardwalkers (I maintain their web site) were hired as the replacement band. This is a band that I am very familiar with. I have been recording them for a number of years. For tonight, the band consisted of Dan Valentie - guitar (he is also the regular bass player in the Insect Surfers-one of the bands that I maintain the web site and record), Marty Tippens - bass (occasionally fills in on guitar, bass or drums with the Insect Surfers) and Jeff Utterback - drums (who used to be the drummer for the Insect Surfers). Jonpaul Balak, the regular bass player was unavailable, so Marty Tippens, who was formerly the drummer for the Boardwalkers, managed to come in as a replacement bass player. All three musicians have been or currently are in a number of surf as well as non-surf bands. As an interesting side note, the Jeff (I didn't catch his last name) sound man for this evening, was the sound man who recorded the first Boardwalkers 45 in the early 1980s. Since I had a copy of the Insect Surfers - Lyve In The Valley Of The Sun CD with me (which I recorded), I gave a copy to the sound man who promptly played it over the P.A. This may well be the only time that Cozy's has played surf music over the P.A. Hopefully the Jeff the sound man will bring the CD back to the club and play it again.

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