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Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Scene Bar, Glendale, CA

Another night, another show.

The Scene, is located in Glendale, and is more typical of the clubs where I record bands. There is a stage in a back corner against the wall, facing toward the front of the club. The stage includes a PA as well as a couple of monitors. The sound board is at the front of the club facing back at the stage. Beside the stage (and audience) area, splitting the club in half, is the bar, in the round (so to speak-kind of oblong) so it faces both sides of the club. On the other side of the bar, is an area with a couple of pool tables.

The sound man did put microphones on all equipment on the stage, but somehow never got around to testing the vocal microphone, so that the Insect Surfers had to start their set without being able to talk to the audience over the PA.

The first band that I recorded, was the Insect Surfers, who are an instrumental band. While they are strongly influenced by surf instrumental music, they don't let them limit them. Their influences include Quicksilver Messenger Service, Television, .... One of the things that makes this an interesting band, is their strong fan base among musicians. The Insect Surfers are a 4 piece band (2 guitars, 1 bass and 1 drummmer). On this night some of the regular members were not available, so they had a few other musicians fill in. David Arnson, one of the guitarists, the one constant in this band, was present (without him the band does not perform). Their other guitarist was unavailable, so the regular bass player, filled in on guitar. Since that ment he was not available, the guitarist from the Black Widows filled in on bass for him. The regular drummer, just back from Las Vegas where he played with his other band, Chum, was available, and so he played his part.

I am the official audio recorder and sound archivist for Insect Surfers. I have recorded most of their shows since 1996. My recording of a live performance in June 2004 has become their Lyve In The Valley Of The Sun which was released in time for the bands 20th anniversary. These days, I also manage and host their web site, live show announcements as well as helping with merchandise sales.

Next up, thee All Nighters a three piece band (guitar, bass, drums, no vocals) from Washington. If there is a surf music influence there, it it muted. The psychedelic / rock music influences are very noticeable. Since I had never recorded this band before (I had never heard of the before), I introduced myself and asked for permission to record. They thought it was a good idea. When I asked them about their set list (they had one written up) I was informed that the set list was simply most of the songs they planned on playing, but there was no particular order in which they would be playing. Which means that while it won't help me figure out which songs were played, it will help with the spelling of the song titles that they did announce.

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