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Chrome Oxide Hour radio show
show # 7, Sunday, April 2, 2006
international show (aka: Around The World ...)

  band name     song title     album title     web site  
  Surf Coasters     Samurai Struck     Samurai Struck  
  Jackie and The Cedrics     Scalping Party     Bikini World (various)     I don't know of a web site  
  G T Stringer     Walk The Plank     Sandcrack The Soundtrack     I don't know of a web site  
  Astroglides     Sharqiya     Channel Surfing With The Astroglides  
  Laika and The Cosmonauts     Zumnami     Zero Gravity  
  Hypnomen     Brainwasher     Supersonico!     I don't know of a web site  
  Jorgen Inmann     Apache     Apache     I don't know of a web site  
  Tremelo Beer Gut     Timebomb     Under The Influence Of The Tremolo Beer Gut  
  Insect Surfers     * station ID  
  Bambi Molesters     Theme From Slaying Beauty     Sonic Bullets  
  Treble Spankers     Jaa-Rabbi     Hasheeda  
  Anacondas     Guns Of Brixton     Charlie Does Surf, A Tribute To The Clash (various)  
  Cruncher     La Comparsa     Schlicktao's Surfer Is Back     I don't know of a web site  
  Razorblades     Jellyfish Race     Get Cut By Razorblades  
  Invisible Surfers     Hellfire Whips     demos  
  Davie Allan and the Arrows     station ID  
  I Cosmonauti     Exotica Fever     KFJC Curl Rider (various)     I don't know of a web site  
  Estrume'n'tal     Jaws     Surfme'n'tal  
  Atomic 7     Chock Full O'Notes     ... Gowns by Edith Head     I don't know of a web site  
  Migs     * One Note Samba     live: January 7, 2003 Lava Lounge, Hollywood, CA  
  Hillbilly Soul Surfers     * Nava-Ho     live: June 12, 2005 Huntington Beach International Surf Museum, Huntington Beach, CA  
  Kelp     * Unsung     live: March 4, 2005 Suzy's Bar And Grill, Hermosa Beach, CA  

* this track recorded by Chrome Oxide using Fostex FR-2 audio recorder, and Audio Technica AT-801 microphones.

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