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show # 6, Sunday, March 26, 2006

  band name     song title     album title     web site  
  Satan's Pilgrims     Jungle Room     Satan's Pilgrims  
  3 Balls Of Fire     Rumble In The Congo     FirePower  
  Black Widows     Sin-Ray     Death By Guitar  
  Phantom Riders     The Black Widow     Phantom Riders     I don't know of a web site  
  Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet     Haig Earl     Sport Fishin'     I don't know of a web site  
  Insect Surfers     * station ID  
  Mermen     Unto the Resplendent     The Amazing California Health and Happiness Road Show  
  Spy-Fi     Slingshot     Music For Spies, Thighs & Private Eyes - Volume 2 Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang  
  Jon & The Nightriders     Depth Charge     Fiberglass Rocket     I don't know of a web site  
  Reckless Reefers     station ID  
  Infrareds     Cruzin' The Coast Lookin' For Hot Chix!     e.p.  
  Boardwalkers     It's A Bikini World     Bikini World (various artists)  
  Pollo Del Mar     Take Your Clothes Off     The Ocean Is Not For Cowards  
  Halibuts     Skinny Dip     Gnarly!     I don't know of a web site  
  Davie Allan and the Arrows     Blue's Theme     Devil's Rumble  
  James Gang     Laguna Salada     Greatest Hits     I don't know of a web site  
  Neptunas     * Double-O Seafoam     live: July 17, 2004 Glendale Street Scene, Glendale, CA  
  Insect Surfers +     * Polaris     live: June 15, 2002 Mr. T's Bowl, Highland Park, CA  
  jam %     * Pipeline     live: September 17, 2005 British and Dominion Social Club Garden Grove, CA     I don't know of a web site  

with special guests
+ Martyn Jones (drums) from the Mermen sat in with the Insect Surfers for one tune.
% David Arnson (guitar) from the Insect Surfers
% David Wronski (guitar) from the Slacktone
% Billy Scanlan (guitar) from the Detonators
% Jeff Hansen (bass) from the Moby Dicks
% Tony Ruiz (drums) from the Outer Wave
performed together at a Hurricane Katrine benefit.

* this track recorded by Chrome Oxide using Fostex FR-2 audio recorder, and Audio Technica AT-801 microphones.

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