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show # 5, Sunday, March 19, 2006

  band name     song title     album title     web site  
  Surf Report     Sandpaper Paddles     Supersonic Salvation  
  Reventlos     Mondo Reventlo     Songs of the Golden West  
  Jumbo Shrimp     Mersey Beach     Thingie     I don't know of a web site  
  Black Widows     Death Surf 2000     Death By Guitar  
  Neptunas     Hot Custom Long Board     Scratch 'N' Surf  
  Boardwalkers     Banzai Pipeline     Shots In The Dark (various artists)  
  Breakaways     station ID  
  Breakaways     Surfin' Sam     Time Surfin'  
  Invisible Surfers     Got To Go (Leaven'U In Misery)     promo cd  
  Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet     Off Our Back Conrad Black     Sport Fishin'     I don't know of a web site  
  Neptunes     Spaghetti Luau     People of Earth, We Are The Neptunes  
  3 Balls Of Fire     Sea Of Tranquility     FirePower  
  Pollo Del Mar     Annabelle Lee     The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea  
  Reckless Reefers     station ID  
  Reckless Reefers     Riff Tide     Over The Edge  
  Hodads     Phantom Of The Pipeline     demo  
  Big Brother And The Holding Company     Hall Of The Mountain King     April 25, 1967 Come Up The Years, KQED TV, San Francisco, CA  
  Bone Sharks     * Shark Bite     live: December 9, 2005 Londoner Pub, Canyon Country, CA  
  Double Naught Spy Car     * Danger High     live: May 17, 2005 Taix Lounge, Echo Park, CA  
  Slacktone     * Rosarito     live: January 29, 2005 Suzy's, Hermosa Beach, CA  

* this track recorded by Chrome Oxide using Fostex FR-2 audio recorder, and Audio Technica AT-801 microphones.

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