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show # 4, Sunday, March 12, 2006

  band name     song title     album title     web site  
  Laika and The Cosmonauts     Fadeaway     Rock Don't Run, vol. 2 (various artists)  
  Galaxy Trio     Another Odd Job Instro Nation     21st Century Surf Sounds (various artists)     I don't know of a web site  
  Man or Astroman?     Intoxica     Instrumental Fire (various artists)  
  Boss Martians     Continental Theme     War Of The Surf Guitars (various artists)  
  Pyronauts     * Mike's Barracuda     Live from the Pit live: April 18, 2003 Suzy's Bar and Grill, Hermosa Beach, CA  
  Davie Allan and the Arrows     station ID  
  Davie Allan and the Arrows     Chopper     Fuzz Fest  
  Dynotones     Dynotone Stomp     The Dynotones  
  Ghastly Ones     Thunderhead     A-Haunting We Will Go-Go  
  Aqua Velvets     Spanish Blue     Cowabunga! The Surf Box Set (various artists)  
  Invisible Surfers     Restlessness     promo  
  Infrareds     Change in the Water     Sounds from the Darkroom  
  Reckless Reefers     Step Into Liquid     Over The Edge  
  Squid Vicious     Deep Eddy     At War With The Whale  
  Thee Phantom 5ive     Four Bolt Main     Hot Rods to Hell, Volume II (various artists)     I don't know of a web site  
  Breakaways     station ID  
  Breakaways     North Shore Rumble     Time Surfin'  
  Southern Culture On The Skids     Jack The Ripper     Ditch Diggin'  
  Colosseum     Bolero     Valentyne Suite     I don't know of a web site  
  Surf Report     * Blood Failure     live: May 23, 2003 Suzy's Bar And Grill, Hermosa Beach, CA  
  Volcanics     * Volcanic Beat     live: March 30, 2002 Orsini's, Beverly Hills, CA     I don't know of a web site  
  Insect Surfers     * Bouzouki     live: March 4, 2006 Purple Orchid, El Segundo, CA  

* this track recorded by Chrome Oxide using Fostex FR-2 audio recorder, and Audio Technica AT-801 microphones.

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