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show # 3, Sunday, March 5, 2006

  band name     song title     album title     web site  
  Blue Hawaiians     Quiet Surf     Sway  
  Hillbilly Soul Surfers     Bien Tranquillo     Hot Damn BoBo!!  
  Reventlos     El Pendejo     Essential Reventlo  
  Bomboras     Playa de los Muertos     Head Shrinkin' Fun  
  Halibuts     Chumming     Chumming     I don't know of a web site  
  Chum     Surf Song     Dewey Decibel System  
  Boardwalkers     Burnout     Hot Rods to Hell, Volume II (various artists)  
  Insect Surfers     Black Sea     Mojave Reef  
  3 Balls Of Fire     Pipeline To Baghdad     Instro Nation / 21st Century Surf Sounds (various artists)  
  Longboard Ranch     Point Peril     Longboard Ranch Rides Again!  
  Rick Lawndale Band     Tsunami     demos  
  Davie Allan and the Arrows     station ID  
  Davie Allan and the Arrows     Restless In L.A.     Restless In L.A.  
  Berzerkers     Sacquito Frito     The Berzerkers  
  Howlin' Thurstons     Knucklewalk     Howlin' Thurstons (4 song EP)  
  'Verb     The Wrath Of The Mercenary     The Wrath Of The Mercenary  
  Go-Go's     Surfing And Spying     Return To The Valley Of The Go-Go's  
  Jethro Tull     Cat's Squirrel     This Was  
  Sand-Dunes     * Spanito Bandito     Celebration Of Life (various artists) live: July 8, 2000 Pitcher House, Hermosa Beach, CA     I don't know of a web site  
  Dick Dale     * Let's Go Trippin'     live: July 6, 2000 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA  
  Mermen     * Latinia     live: October 14, 2000 Rusty's Surf Ranch, Santa Monica, CA  

* this track recorded by Jay Hector, with assist from Chrome Oxide.

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